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No more mess! It's time to bring your business back to life!

Manage Online!

From now, you can check your sales whereever you are, and never have to worried about hard disk crashed or burn again, because we got all your data handled very securely! 


Point of Sales System that allow you to do quick sale like super markets. Invoice will also be printed through a thermal printer with a split screen that your customers can see!

Advance Report

There are many kinds of reports such as daily sales, expenses, customers who haven’t paid us, and many more. It’s super easy to understand, and it’s just a click away!

Multi Language

We are fully many languages, such, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Khmer, etc. So you even your staff can’t read english, we got all the translation backup!


Manage your business anywhere in the world definitely no more mess!

Who wouldn’t want peace of mind when physically away from the business?

Let’s Show your Products to 7 Billions People!

What else could be better than having all your products show infront of 7 billions people across the world. It’s the technology age, and our e-commerce platform + POS will back you up anywhere and anytime! 

Counting Stock is Darn Easy!

Worry about losing items in the inventory when you’re not around? We said, no more with this system, every items are tracked automatically. When you come back, just look match the report with the physical items in the stock, and you’re done!

What Our Clients Say

Since I use Vtech Stock Management Software, I never have issue with counting stock and cash at the end of the day again. Plus I have a beautiful website to show all my dresses to my customers.

Dane Clothing Store

Managing invoice, follow up customers who haven’t paid yet is extremely easy. I don’t have to check my book looking for who hasn’t paid yet anymore. Plus the low stock alert has helped me to never run out of stock again!

Phnom penh

I often left my place to my salesman to sell, but after I have this system, I don’t have to call him agian to check how much has been sold today, just open my phone and that’s it there. What a peace of mind.

Koun Ey, Phone Store
Phnom PENH

Our Awesome Team

We build this software from ground up, and we’d like to share these values to every each our customers.

Phetra Eap

Co-founder & CEO

15 Years experiences in technology and building many successful startups in Cambodia and USA

Prim Somony

Co-founder & COO

Has been working in many international corporate companies, acting as senior manager has been proving to have an excellence management skill.

Lyheang Sry

Developer & CTO

After graduate from an International University in Thailand, has successfully build an infamous accounting startup company Banhji, recognized globally.

Chey Sombath

Lead Developer

15 years experience in software engineering in banking, real estate and SME business. Hard core level at clean code and internet security.







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